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The naturally balanced solution Hormone Replacement

Hope, help and healing through education and the proper use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is more than a occupation for Bioidentical Hormone Expert Rudy Dragone, it is his passion, mission and a spiritual journey.

Hope, Help & Healing – Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Everywhere you turn these days you hear and see more and more news and advertising about Hormone Replacement Therapies (HRTs).  From large pharmaceuticals marketing the latest synthetic low testosterone replacement roll-on to celebrities extolling the virtues of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, (BHRT) as a virtual fountain of youth.

The truth is there are a lot of mistruths about the role bioidentical hormones can have in the cure of several sever symptoms; the overall wellbeing of your patients and safety concerns about their use.

This website’s goal is to serve as a guide to understanding the role hormones have in assessing symptoms that may be aggravated by hormonal imbalances or deficiencies.  Also on this site is a clinical reference guide to help healthcare practitioners check for hormonal imbalances and recommend dosing of bioidentical hormones in the treatment of their patients.

The goals of this website are to:

  1. Educate healthcare professionals about the role of hormones in the wellness of their patients.
  2. Educate the public of the significant role hormonal imbalances can play in their overall wellness.
  3. Provide the necessary tools to determine if bioidentical hormone replacement therapies are appropriate for you or your patients.
  4. Help expand healthcare practices through referrals by happy, healthy patients and bioidentical hormone replacement therapies that improve patient lives while making sound business sense to your practice.

The roll that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has in overall wellbeing for millions of people is simply remarkable.

Clarks Pharmacy – The Compounding Experts

Featuring Nationally Acclaimed Bioidentical Hormone Expert Rudy Dragone, R.PH., Compounding Pharmacist

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A Naturally Balanced Philosophy

In life, we have to take care of ourselves. Sometimes in helping others, we neglect what’s important in our own lives. If you’ve ever flown, you’ve heard the flight attendant’s spiel about putting on your own oxygen mask first before helping others. Well, this is what I’m trying to help you to do in this book. I want you to help yourself be as healthy and complete as you can be and I’m going to show you some ways to work towards this so that you can help everybody else in your family feel and live a lot better too.

Natural hormones, it’s almost a miracle so few people know so little about them. Why don’t more people know more about them? It cannot be patented. Not like Viagra or anything you see on television these days. Natural hormones cannot be patented because they occur naturally in nature. They were found in the 1930s. Because they cannot be patented none of the drug companies make them because they can’t make the big money off of them. In fact, they actually take the same identical hormones that should be in your body and change them so they can patent them, package it and sell it.

We are totally against that. We are saying, “This is what God gave you, this is what Mother Nature gave you, and we want to give you the identical hormone that is in your body to begin with to cure your symptoms.”

It just makes plain sense doesn’t it? Replace the natural hormones that you lose through the years with the same bioidentical hormones that are already found in your body.

Suzanne Sommers has been advocating the use of bioidentical hormones for some time now. More recently Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Oz have been touting the virtues of bioidentical hormones and keeping hormonal balance as a key to good health and wellbeing. So we have a good strong people as our advocate.

Today, I still compound bioidentical hormones specifically tailored to the unique hormonal needs of each and every patient for doctors around the country and internationally. I get calls all day long from doctors and healthcare provider about solutions to vexing medical problems that are easily solved through the proper use of BHRTs.

The words “proper use of BHRTs” is critical here because hormone replacement therapy, whether it is through synthetics or bioidentical hormone replace is not a one size fits all approach. Unfortunately for you and your patients, major pharmaceutical companies cannot tailor their dosing specifically to your patients’ needs. Additionally, any hormone replacement therapy should include frequent and thorough testing and adjustments until each patient is in perfect hormonal balance. A “one pill fits all” approach with synthetics is simply not possible. However, working with a compounding pharmacist like myself, you can dial in the specific needs of each and every patient presenting with symptoms aggravated by hormonal imbalances or deficiencies.